How Your Body Talks To You – July 2018

So much amazing yoga this week. And we’ve become very adept at coping with the cold! Cold yoga rooms, cold floors, cold anything! We did yoga in the sunshine yesterday, in the beautiful St Georges Church garden, surrounded by fairy wrens, blossoms and old rainforest trees. Still on our internal energetic clean up mission though! And for many of my students the link between what’s going on in their emotional lives and what is being reflected in their physical bodies is becoming clearer. Emotions stuck in our physical bodies, particularly if they are negative or are associated with past traumatic events, can manifest in our physical bodies as illness, pain, hives, eruptions, you name it.  So I’ve put together an article on how suppressed emotions can erupt into our physical bodies. Enjoy….love Margot

The very nature of your emotions is energy. Think of rage moving through your body. It’s like a bolt of lightning. If it’s not released safely it can result in road rage, screaming, hitting, smashing, hurting others, you name it, and it’s a scary emotion. But it has to be let out, because if you suppress it and it remains in your physical body, particularly if you keep stuffing it down over time, this same rage will eventually lead to horrible physical ailments: high blood pressure, ulcers, skin conditions, heart attacks. When you repress or control your feelings, their energy can’t flow outward properly and dissipate naturally.  You may think you have controlled how you felt, but the energy of it is still at work in your body

Suppressing emotions uses up a lot of energy, which robs your body of energy that should be used for vital functions.  Negative emotions tax your spleen, liver and adrenal glands and use up nutrients the body needs to sustain itself.  The result is fatigue, auto-immune disorders, and lowered vitality. 

Energy has to move.  If an emotion isn’t expressed (outward movement), it is suppressed (inward movement).  But we do live in a civilized society, so our rage can’t be unleashed on the unsuspecting. It must be released safely, and within our boundaries.

So how can we release our emotions safely and in turn help heal our bodies? There are many ways. Exercise and yoga. Yoga will calm you, open your body, teach you how to use the breath to soothe your fears and anxiety and most important of all give you the self-insight to get to the root of those damaging emotions which you have suppressed. You can use psychotherapy to talk through the problems and again give you self-insight. Walking barefoot on the earth helps diffuse old damaged energy in your lower chakras. And develop a spiritual practice. Knowing that you have a greater divine path often puts the dramas of physical existence in to perspective.

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