Shame Hugely Damages Your Vibration – May 2018

Such gorgeous yoga this week so far! And starting to focus on keeping our immunities high so as to ward off colds and flu. And one of the by-products of stimulating your thymus gland is that you also raise your energy vibration, albeit temporarily. And we all know activities,  people and foods that keep our vibration high -the bliss you feel after a yoga class, the sense of nourishment you feel after a really delicious, healthy meal and how buzzed you feel after enjoying time with people you love and connect with. But many things lower our vibration:  pollution, ugly noise, negative people and emotions such as Shame. In the world of yoga we regard the emotion of shame as so low on the vibrational scale that it is only just up from death. So I dug up an article on Shame and what it does to us, and those around us. Enjoy .. love .. Margot

For someone who is shamed repeatedly or if you were bought up as a child in a household where the mode of discipline was shame, it can have a devastating effect on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It’s ironic that shame, an emotion designed to bind communities together by making people feel bad if they break social norms, leaves individuals feeling separate and isolated.

Shame can take many forms: sexual shame, body image shame, gender identity and sexual preference shame, shame about past abuse or, more generally, shame about anything that our community or family judged us for. Fundamentally, shame is a social disease. Please note we are not talking about people who violate the law i.e. murderers, they are legally punished and in the process shamed. We are talking about normal people who go against the tribe.

In yoga we spend a lot of time getting to know our bodies! If we are body shamed, i.e. we don’t fit the current social body norm where does this shame sit? We feel disgust – and shame – in our duodenum and pancreas both involved in digestion, and both players in preparing the digestive tract to deal with possible infections. The ovaries are also important sites for shame in women. We don’t know the evolutionary explanation is but many think that in some cultures women have so many gender-based judgments thrust upon them (by society) that there is a cultural tendency to feel shame about being female.

If you were to think of the posture of shame. How do you stand? Where do you fold your body? When we collapse our posture in shame, we strain and weaken our hip joints and patella tendons. Carrying chronic shame can lead to degeneration of the hips and knees.

So how can we use our yoga practice to reduce the legacy of shame? In yoga if you start to feel sensations of shame, stay with that feeling, allow it to bubble up and then extend compassion and empathy towards yourself to heal and release the shame. When you are then able to move to a position of peace, try to connect with your true values and beliefs, because these define you and make you unique and powerful. If we all live lives of Truth, what the tribe says doesn’t matter much and shame will never have an effect because you are aligned to your true path.

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