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Yoga Under the Bodhi Tree: Yoga Retreat 2024

OM – The Silent Yoga Retreat

Friday 22nd March – Sunday 24th March 2024
Theosophical Institute, Springbrook, QLD

Yogis say silence is the common language of communication between living and non-living beings and silence is considered the very heartbeat of the Universe. The Vedic scriptures call this inner silence Mouna. So come and join us and discover your Mouna. Two days of yoga, guided meditations, breathwork, discourse, yoga nidra, nature, sound healing, art therapy, journalling, and mindfulness – all done in Sacred Silence.

Our modern world is saturated with the ceaseless noise that issues from every corner of our lives and this noise pollution triples every 30 years. In an age when at least a third of Earth’s natural ecosystems have gone quiet to the point of “aural extinction,” all kinds of sounds; mechanical, human and informational noise have been amplified. What does this deluge of sound and information do to us: our bodies, our brains and our happiness? It erodes your consciousness. It makes it harder to focus on what’s in front of you, to manage your mind’s impulses, to notice, to appreciate, and to preserve open space in your mind. The open space of silence. And without this silence we are distracted, stressed, anxious and make bad decisions.

So, use these 2 days to plug into the real you, the wise voice in your head which up till now has been drowned out by noisy, modern life. If you’re seeking clarity on a decision, trying to find the core of a life challenge, trying to find joy in an increasing unstable world or trying to move forward in a new direction – then this retreat is for you. In the hush of silent solitude, you’ll find the space needed for undistracted reflection and you can focus on picking up on signals and listening to their urgent broadcasts. In your inner silence you’ll discover meaning, real joy, peace and an inner self-reliance. 

A deeply introspective, life changing two days. In the words of Sai Baba: 
“You can hear the footsteps of God when silence reigns in the mind.”

Speciality Classes & Workshops

  • Classes and Workshops:
  • Yoga: Five beautifully balanced yoga classes linking the breath to movement.  Flow Vinyasa Yoga and YIN Yoga. Gentle loving stretching (asana) and breath  (pranayama). Perfect for the absolute beginner to the seasoned yogi. 
  • Breathwork: Functional breathwork, Tantric Breathwork and Pranayama.
  • Meditation: Four guided meditations, two yoga nidra meditations, trakata (candle) meditation, two walking meditations at dawn in rainforest and forest bathing at the waterfall. 
  • Satsang: Chai tea ceremony.
  • Workshops: Art Therapy Workshop and Mandala Workshop.
  • Sacred Ceremony: Using ritual and ceremony release the unwanted and create space for new beginnings.
  • Sound Healing: Two Sound baths using Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, rattles and drums

Lodging Details

Nourish: Luscious vegetarian, Ayurvedic food. Six catered meals with morning and afternoon tea.

Rest: In exquisite rainforest surrounds, near tumbling waterfalls and beneath trees from the Neolithic age. You will have lots of time between classes to share a cup of tea, to explore the beautiful surrounds or just relax. Giving yourself the gift of self-reflection, time and peace.

Bedrooms: You will be assigned your own single, private room, with an electric blanket and shared bathroom facilities. For couples there is only one double room and one twin share room available with ensuite facilities, so please book quickly if this is arrangement is preferred.


Early-Bird Price: $590 per person or $1130 per couple, due by 23/02/2024
Standard Price: $620 per person or $1190 per couple, due by 8/03/2024

A non-refundable deposit of $150 per person ($300 per couple) is required to secure your attendance at the retreat.
If you wish to attend, please reserve a spot ASAP as there are a limited number of rooms available. Options to purchase tickets or make a deposit online can be found below or by visiting the Shop. To pay by bank transfer, please contact me directly using the email or phone number on the Contact Me page.

Retreat fees are non-refundable within 15 days prior to the event. There will be no refunds given for unused portions of program. There will be no cancellations accepted or refunds given on or after the event start date. If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19 or QLD Lockdown, your deposit will be rolled to the next retreat date and you will be refunded the balance of your retreat fees. This date will either be provided by the Theosophical Centre in 2024, or will be our standard booking (21 March – 23 March 2025).

2024 Silent Yoga Meditation Retreat Testimonials

I loved the way, on yoga retreat, we all descended into a more peaceful energy. The lovely natural surrounds and our practice under your guidance created calm. I felt like I could take great easy breaths. The yoga was delivered in a wonderful soft way. I loved the Tantra and how it made me feel. I found the Retreat enriching, I opened up to new ideas with a greater awareness of my spiritual journey. I would definitely recommend a yoga retreat with Margot Wagner and would love to bring my daughter to one of these retreats – Sally Graeme

I found the Silent Yoga Retreat peaceful and yet confronting (in a good way). The yoga and breathwork were great, the meditations I found quite challenging as I’m an absolute beginner. As far as my mental health goes, the insane chatter from my outside world has diminished and my physical body feels renewed from the movement and flow. The bed was wonderful and the food was amazing! I need the recipes. I would 100% recommend Yoga Under the Bodhi Tree retreats to family and friends – Kym Gilleard

I came for the yoga and left with a meditation practice! The workshops were well structured and connected to build a complete practice with so many options to use back in “daily life. I loved the Trakata each dawn, the Hatha, Isometric and Tantra asanas. I loved the elemental meditations (water and fire) and the Tantra workshop – I experienced a deep release and connectedness from this workshop. The offerings throughout the weekend were a reminder to live with awareness and gratitude. My connection to my breath has been enhanced and my back and hips felt more fluid and I had less pain. I have taken meditation into my home practice and am working on my inner truth and enhanced communication – particularly with loved ones. Food was incredible. Blessings to you Margot for an unforgettable, restorative experience. Namaste – Jodie Clifford

I attended this retreat to go deeper within myself. My goal was not only to Zen out but to discover parts of myself I hadn’t yet been aware of. Those parts could be anything the universe wanted to show me. I found the experience nourishing, contemplative and incredibly restorative. I found the Boddichitta meditation particularly helpful with expelling negative emotions and I also loved the Warrior Path, the chanting and the Metta meditation. The Tantric approach was amazing. The accommodation was comfortable and the Ayurvedic food was delicious, energising and nourishing. I would recommend Margot’s retreats to anyone looking for a beautiful reset – Bethany McMahon

The location of the retreat was other worldly. The abundant birdsong and incredible vistas are truly transcendental. The food was sublime! Every mouthful was savoured. I want the recipes! I loved the yoga, the breathwork, the meditations, the sunrise meditations and the bushwalks. The silence surrounded me in comfort, like a big hug from the universe letting me know we are not alone and are all interconnected and having struggles and joys. I would 100% do another silent retreat with Margot – Kyla Mackay

I have attended multiple YUBT retreats before and have absolutely RELISHED them! So much so, I even bought my sister (from Melbourne) along one year. I found the retreat calming, supportive, freeing, divine and nourishing. Loved the classes, meditations, breathwork. The Honoponopono meditation for clearing Karma was a fabulous inclusion for me! The food….. where would I start/ stop… everything! So lovely to eat, smell and see. Colours, tastes and so many textures! Cannot thank you enough for the love that is put into the food for each retreat – Kylie DD

2023 Retreat Testimonials

I was hooked after my first retreat with Margot. Margot’s retreats are always a delight! One of the big draw cards for me on Margot’s retreats are the fellow yogis. The group is always genuine, kind and down to earth – salt of the earth people. No egos here! The varied yoga sessions, meditations, nature immersion walks and the incredible Ayurvedic meals make for an amazing weekend reset. Incredible 10/10! – Angie Varnam

Dearest Margot. Thank you for yet another incredible retreat experience. Your love, kindness and respect for each participant leaves everyone feeling valued and empowered. Your energy is contagious. The carefully orchestrated sequence of activities were engaging and fun. I feel energised and nourished physically, mentally and spiritually. I can’t wait to share another retreat with you and spend time with friends both new and old xxxxx – Debbie Barram

I cant remember, but I think this is No. 8 yoga retreat with Margot for me. I think that speaks for itself! For me the yoga retreat experience is enriching and calming and the classes and workshops are a good mix of yoga, meditation, learning, connection and fun. Springbrook is one of the most stunning places on this planet and the retreat weekend balances me and keeps my mental health in good stead for challenges life throws at me for the rest of the year. Loads of love and thanks – Penny Gale

This was my first ever yoga retreat and I loved doing it! I enjoyed all the different types of yoga which were amazing, because I had always thought yoga was just yoga. I especially loved the Fire Ceremony. The whole experience was wonderful, very peaceful, beautiful nature and fantastic people, from young to older. The food was fantastic as well, great flavours and more than enough. I felt that the weekend gave me a chance to connect to my wife better and that I am more at peace with myself – Claudio Draghi

As a novice I found the retreat to be fantastic: a great mix of sessions, lots of diversity and fun with a great teacher and a good group of people. I feel like I have grown emotionally and physically and I had plenty of time between classes for self reflection. The location is beautiful, the food pretty good and the rooms are basic but good. If I had to describe this yoga retreat in just a few words it would be: exhilarating, magical and thought provoking. – Kate Smith 

Previous Retreat Testimonials

As my first ever yoga retreat, Margot’s Yoga Retreat in Springbrook was a wonderful experience.  I hope to make it a once/yearly experience for myself now.  As a busy mum of young boys, and business owner it was blissful to have this time to and for myself.  All of the classes and workshops were valuable from meditation and sound healing experiences where I was able to fully relax to experiencing and learning about different types of yoga and meditation.

With Margot’s vast knowledge, passion and genuine caring energy, I came away clearer, lighter and also with some practical simple tools to incorporate into my life to hopefully ease overwhelm and anxiety when needed.  The setting and facilities were perfect nestled amongst the rainforest, the food was delicious and dietary preferences were thoughtfully catered for.  Thank you so much Margot – Lou MacLachlan

This amazing retreat was one I’ll always cherish. From the breathtaking luscious surrounds of the stunning Springbrook rainforest to the fun and exciting laughter yoga, sound bath, meditations and more made me feel joyful each day. I absolutely loved the various yoga sessions some of which I hadn’t experienced before. Margot is a wonderful Yogi who made everyone feel welcome. I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone. Lots of love – Mira

So grateful my sister met Margot through her Tamborine Mountain yoga classes and she invited me to go with her to Margot’s Retreat. Best decision I could of made to make me feel so much better about myself and get to meet some amazing like minded yogis. 

Margot was amazing and her passion and love for this beautiful practice was infectious. I loved everything about it. The variety of yoga and meditation classes, the food and the opening and closing ceremony were a very special touch. Even the laughter yoga which was something I wasn’t looking forward to was lots of fun.

Came home feeling alive with a big smile on my face. Love to go again. Thanks Margot you are the best –Helen R 

This retreat, my very first, was my ultimate challenge for 2022. I was truly amazed  at Margot’s talents in presenting such an energetic ,inspiring, enlightening experience to 30 beautiful yogis from all walks of life who came together to create such a fun, crazy at times, friendly atmosphere. An awesome adventure well worth experiencing, I highly recommend Margot and her retreats with Yoga under the Bodhi Tree to anyone considering such a journey – Sue Clough

I loved the food!  And would love the recipe for the dahl.  There is a million ways to make it, and yours was the best. The accommodation was awesome – beautiful setting, comfortable bedrooms, electric blankets, clean bathrooms and showers. I loved the Tantric Yoga, the sound baths and the yoga that I am used to.  Also, lovely to meet new people of all shapes and sizes. Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm – Sue Robb

I loved the retreat, I felt all that beautiful energy from you, and you are just so amazing, I do not know how you do it, but I am guessing you draw from a higher source! I also felt the good energy from so many others! Meeting new people who are like minded and also searching for different things. I think I felt a bit more peace surrounded by all of the beauty and lovely people! I want to try and concentrate on being a better person out of this (hard as it is) I am challenged each day with many different things, some I fight with, and others I have to accept.

There was so much to take in, I think I got a bit lost at times with remembering some of it, like the breathing techniques! Something I need to practice. The beautiful silence and found that quite a bit easier than I expected. The sunrise silence. Most of all your bright beautiful kindness and yoga skills have astounded me. Just sharing the energy you have is a beautiful thing, positive and bright.
I am not sure how I will channel this or if I can change but I will certainly try to be kinder if I can to myself and others around me! The changes in my life I may not recognise, but certainly hope I do!

I think I am a bit worn down with the worries and care and an inner sadness, not just for what we have lost but for the world! Still being in the moment helped me a lot, something I find hard to do with a wandering mind like mine, not being able to settle, it was a good thing to experience. I felt very tired afterwards but it was a good tiredness. Uplifted by it all. Thanks once again for your incredible kindness and your amazing and beautiful knowledge which I am in awe of! Love J

Thank you so much Margot. I had a delightful weekend, your teaching and energy was fabulously refreshing. I learnt a lot. It was great facing my demons and booking this retreat very much against what my inner child thought was best! Thank you also for the photos. They’re wonderful. I’ve also booked myself for the next retreat in my calendar. My darling partner would love to attend too if that’s ok.
All the best Margot and thank you again.
Peace and health… D

Hi Margot, I had a lovely weekend at your retreat. Thank you.
Margot’s retreat was a wonderful circuit breaker to rest, recuperate and take stock. It was also wonderful to spend this time with friendly, open hearted people who embraced every opportunity the retreat had to offer.
Love to you, Margot… N