How To Use Yoga To Recover From Burnout – Sept 2018

Such beautiful yoga this week so far! And really getting into the more healing yoga asanas! We get such a buzz from constantly using the stronger asanas in yoga that we forget that there is a whole layer to our physical bodies more than just muscles, blood flow and sweat. Our lymphatics, our fascia and our emotional, mental and spiritual layers need to be addressed as well. And these are the key parts of your body that need to be healed when recovering from crises like burnout. I see a lot of burnout in yoga. Many of my students are empathic and are very vulnerable to the demands and needs of an aggressive modern world. So to recover, or even just protect yourself from potential burnout, read on and enjoy. Love Margot

How can yoga help us recognize the first signs of experiencing sensory overload and teach us how NOT to absorb negativity or stress from others? Stay present using the breath. Empaths and highly sensitive people (who make up much of my yoga classes) are very attractive to others! People feel safe around them and love their energy. But you don’t want to absorb everyone else’s energy and be left exhausted, burnt out and drained by the needier or the energy vampires, who want a slice of your energy. So stay present with the breath and ground yourself. Anchor yourself using imagery, (the ancient tree in the Garden of Peace comes to mind) and learn to use visual shields of light around you, filtering what energy you wish to give and receive.

Become very clear about your relationship needs at home and at work. The honesty we show to ourselves in yoga class is the honesty we need to share with our loved ones and work colleagues. Knowing your needs and being able to assert them is a strong form of self-protection for empaths and others recovering from burnout. Finding your voice is equivalent to finding your power–otherwise you may become exhausted, anxious, or feel like a doormat in relationships and end up burnt out and used at work.

Set energetic boundaries at work and home. Empaths and the highly sensitive often suffer in their environment when they absorb the stress in their surroundings. The workplace especially can be noisy and over-stimulating. To protect your energy level surround the outer edge of your space with plants or family or pet photos, crystals and sacred objects to create a small psychological barrier. Noise cancelling headphones are useful to muffle conversations and sound.

Prevent sensory overload. When you’re absorbing the stress or symptoms of others you need to release this negative energy. Use essential oils, balance your alone time with people time and take lunch time outside in nature. Set clear limits with energy vampires and toxic people. Remember, “No” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to keep explaining yourself. And come to yoga! You will be surrounded by empathic, grounded and very fun yogis having a blast!

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