Change Makers – Sept 2018

We have enjoyed amazing yoga this week so far! And next week is promising to be fabulous! It was Margaret Meade who stated that:

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.

So become a change maker! Come to our lovely fundraiser to raise money to buy feed for drought stricken livestock out West. And bring along anyone who is willing! Mum, gran, children, your sister, your bored neighbor, maybe hubby! Grab them, tell them that they are doing a wonderful act of kindness and they will have so much fun in the process! But more seriously, what we are doing is hopefully buying some time for our farmers until Mother Earth decides to rain. And drought is a hot topic. Some say it’s the reality of farming a great, dry Southern continent, and others point to climate change messing with the weather patterns. Whatever the argument, below is a fantastic article on what we, as individuals can do to make a difference to our planet. Enjoy. Love Margot

We might be waiting a long time before government and big business come to a consensus on climate change but there is heaps we can do to make a real difference to our worlds. So to lighten your eco footprint here are some ideas:

 Scale Back Car Use: This is a tough one particularly where we live in semi-rural Australia. But you could start cycling, walk more, use public transport, share with others doing the same trip, combine errands, shop virtually and telecommute.

Reduce Food Waste: This one is easy and you will get healthier and slimmer in the process! Start by planning the week’s meals in advance, figure out what ingredients are required for each, and write them all down on a list. As long as you actually stick to the meal plan, there shouldn’t be much food left over! Keep an eye on the fridge and move leftovers to the front so they can be eaten. Keep an eye on expiry dates, either eat the stuff or freeze. Only cook enough for 2 meals so you don’t have a riot over leftovers, which must eaten! Compost your green waste. Have a bin under the sink and empty it into a bin in your garden or just a big hole covered in straw a few times a week. Before you know it you will have some delicious, black crumbly soil to grow your veggie patch in.

Go naked: Yup, dump all food packaging. Refuse to buy those 4 tomatoes in a horrible plastic tray. Buy your tomatoes from the local grocer, the green shed, the farmers market. Join a coop like Food Connect, who deliver to Canungra every Tuesday! Talk about online grocery shopping – exquisite, organic, biodynamic Australian grown fruit, vegetables, dairy products, sourdough bread, eggs, kombucha, sauerkraut, you name it! From family owned, Australian farmers sourced within a 5 hour radius of Brisbane delivered to a central address.  Now that’s a light footprint!

Don’t ever buy bottled water: Yup even if you have to drink the smelly chlorine stuff out the tap in Sydney airport, refuse point blank to buy bottled water. Only 20% of plastic water bottles get recycled, and in 300 years’ time your great great great grandchildren will be bumping into your water bottle on some beach, somewhere. Carry your own water.

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