Decluttering The Bedroom – Jan 2019

Back from my holiday to this beautiful home we call Australia! There’s not much to beat our gorgeous Southern Land, despite the relentless heat and terrible dry! The only downside of big trips though, is the jetlag! So I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the bedroom catching up on sleep at odd hours. And if your New Year’s resolutions includes things like getting more sleep and decluttering, the bedroom is a great place to start. I think living a minimalist life with lots of sleep and fun is mandatory this year! So on this note here are some great decluttering tips for your bedroom – to keep it a peaceful, joy filled sanctuary.


If you wake up with a sore throat, itchy eyes or a runny nose, chances are you’re allergic to something in your bedroom, and one common culprit is dust mites. Dust mites live in soft materials like carpets, so to keep the critters at bay and trade your carpet for wooden floors or an area rug. Less carpet means fewer allergens and fewer congested mornings. (A Pillow Protector will also help!)

Really Bright Colours

Bright colours are activating, so sleep-inducing blue or calming earth tones are better options.  You can accessorize with pops of colour to highlight your sparkling personality.

Light Filtering Curtains

Light pollution from LED street lights and nearby homes can upset your circadian rhythm and adversely affect your health. So try blackout curtains; you can pretend you’re at a hotel every night!

Snarky Art

Keep your snarky art in the living room, it’s a great conversation starter. But let your bedroom be a calm and happy zone. Start and end your day with peace!


Make your bedroom a no-phone-zone and read a book instead.


What actually constitutes clutter? Well, according to the rockmelon rule, any decorative items that are smaller than a rockmelon. So for a room that feels simple and serene, swap that collection of tiny ornaments for a larger, more dramatic piece.

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