Christmas Gifts From The Heart – Dec 2018

Such wonderful yoga today! And still doing Tantra, so much joy and pranic energy coursing through our veins! And chatting to some of my students, I am always amazed and delighted as to how pragmatic yogis are with the whole Christmas gift giving and feasting drama! From all the tips I was given this morning in yoga class, yoga students are way ahead of the game as to what really is the meaning of Christmas for them! Giving experiences rather than things, carving time out of busy lives to spend moments with people we love and simplifying the menu! One or two delicious dishes is enough, moderation is key. So to add to this home-grown wisdom, I dug up some beautiful ideas on simplifying your Christmas celebration. And remember we close on Saturday the 22/12/18, so come and join us this Saturday and next week for a last blast of yoga in 2018! Enjoy … love Margot

“I’m giving the gift of Nature this year by sending self- made cards with two small packets of native flower seeds inside.”  —Therese

“I give food gifts made with love to family and friends. I go to thrift stores and pick up clear or otherwise pretty casserole dishes, hopefully with lids. Most of these cost under $5. I use these to make food gifts of my most requested dishes (I’m a very good cook) before hand- delivering them to loved ones during the holiday season. I leave the dish along with its recipe for them too. This way they can make the recipe again, use the dish again and all the while they will think of us! I already have a special requests for Shepherd Pie, English Trifle and Banana Nut Bread! All made from scratch, of course!”  —Monique

“There are many folks out there who need our support; how about purchasing gifts from your local farmers market; Artists and Merchants who have worked all year to make them available, many items from recycled materials and/or handmade items of beauty” —Kay

“I’m making a family cookbook that showcases our favorite meals along with great pix. Plus doing a book swap for the kids gifting each other.”  —Lauren

“Our Christmas tradition when my kids were young was for them to go shopping with me and pick out something they would like then donate it to charity. They took this very seriously since that gift could have been the only thing that child might receive. It really is better to give than to receive.” —Kathy

“We’ve cut down our shopping list to only a handful of people (our gifts are often gently used or homemade). We make one baked good in large batches and give it to neighbors and teachers.”

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