Intentions for the New Year – Jan 2019

So good to be back in yoga this week! And to see all my beautiful students, some re-joining us after long breaks was amazing! We’ve practiced a lovely restorative class so far, focusing on the joints and stilling the body and stilling the mind with the ancient meditation of shabavi mudra. And we talk a lot about creating space in our bodies, in our minds and in our lives in our yoga classes. Perhaps we could make this one of our intentions for 2019:  to create the space to just be and allow our own innate intelligence and creativity to emerge, unhampered by judgement, by fear, by social media and by others’ opinions. The space just to let the real you shine. It’s a wonderful resolution. Read on and enjoy.

Apparently we think about 60 000 thoughts every day. And about 95% of these thoughts are the same stale thoughts we had yesterday, and the day before. No new thoughts here. But what if we cooled that busy, monkey mind, consciously, and focused on just one thought: Joy, Peace or Love. What if we focused just on the breath, or a candle flame held between your internal eyebrows, and stopped all those busy, futile thoughts. This creates space in your internal world. This is the aim of most meditation. To allow you to create that space so you can listen. Listen to your inner wisdom, listen to that intuitive voice. And when you get really good at it, you can often hear advice from the Divine.

Now take this concept into your life. The idea to create space just to be. Not to fill this space with more goals and achievements and busyness. Just be. Cull your schedule. Leave your phone at the office every night. Do less. Add love to your life. Love in the form of perhaps more yoga, the odd massage, a beautiful walk or swim. A private cup of tea with the sunrise, in silence. Start cooking for nourishment and enjoyment. Pay attention to how you feel. How did that yoga class feel? How did that meal leave you feeling? What and who, brings you joy? What and who, leaves you drained? Minimize activities, people and things in your life that don’t bring you joy.

Find your voice. Kindly and carefully. Start to take your power back and really say what you feel. Don’t keep quiet, don’t bite your tongue, but start to become honest. There is power in your Truth. Make your truth part of this space you have created. Remember when you were a child and you had this vast sense of space, time, and creativity from day to day? Start to feel like again, like you have all this space and time just to be you and to do whatever you want. You can create space to achieve more, which is nice, but not sustainable. Or you can create space to be. And in this new reality allow your real self to emerge, on your terms for a fabulous, creative, fun year ahead!

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