Yoga and a Healing Crisis – Nov 2018

Such beautiful yoga this week! And lots of hip opening, working with our psoas and going inward to examine our fascinating inside worlds! And one of the most interesting aspects of teaching and practicing yoga for many years, is the fact that after the initial yoga honeymoon (which could be months or years) eventually you peel away enough layers of yourself to allow a lot of stuck energy to be released. In healing circles this would be termed a “healing crisis”. It’s a bit scary at first, and you might feel you’ve gone backwards with your yoga and your health, but if you have the courage to hang in there, you will definitely emerge the other side a different, stronger person. Its good stuff, read on and enjoy. Love Margot.

Yoga is seen as a lifestyle practice. The changes and the releases in yoga often occur over a fairly long term, which is a good thing. If it all happened at once, we would run from the class screaming, never to come back! But when a healing crisis hits it can take many forms. Pain, back pain, headaches, nausea, emotional release, deep sadness, anger, fear. The crisis in your body is just the old moving out to make way for the new, and your body needs time to find a new balance and adjust to the higher vibrational energy.

Energy gets stuck for a reason. Often it’s because you can’t or don’t want to face something difficult. Thus energy can also get stuck from trauma, crises, numbness, or denial. Some part of you is trying to protect you. Rather than feeling everything in that moment and letting it pass through, thoughts and emotions (energy in motion) gets stuffed down into the energetic corners. Stuck energy can lead to pain and disease. It’s protection and in the short term it has a place, but when numbing and holding on becomes a habit and a default coping method then it can lead to long term problems.

Yoga is essentially about releasing the stuck energy that no longer has a purpose and serves the individual. This is referred to as a “healing crisis”. Essentially you are releasing the old stuck energy and your whole system has to adjust to the change and you may experience uncomfortable symptoms. The deeper and more intense the healing crisis, the deeper and more intense the healing.

I’m a big fan of getting extra help. When my students come to me and something has flared in the body, particularly back pain, I encourage them to get help from other natural practitioners: masseuses, acupuncturists, osteopaths and chiropractors. These highly talented professionals will address the acute pain in your fascia and muscles and help you move through the healing crisis really quickly and support all the good work you’ve done with your yoga practice. Allowing you to keep growing and transforming with your yoga.

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