Heart Wisdom Sept 2023

I often get wonderful feedback from my students on how yoga has changed their lives. And the most obvious change for all of them is this sense of calm and peace and kindness they feel towards themselves and others after class. In a world focused on the mind and the brain, the intelligence of the… Continue reading Heart Wisdom Sept 2023

Ageing July 2023

It was the news of the passing of Jane Birkin that sparked my interest in how the world views our ageing selves. That is, if you actually care what the world thinks. The media was full of pictures of this exquisite young woman and pictures taken later in her life showing how well or not… Continue reading Ageing July 2023

Swedish Death Clearing July 2023

A friend of mine lost his mum recently and was left her collection of Lladró ornaments. From the China shepherdess to the pair of Golfers in their cute outfits, these expensive ornaments, loving collected over decades, were unwanted and unappreciated by this bewildered and ungrateful relative. More clutter for his already cluttered life. Many of… Continue reading Swedish Death Clearing July 2023