Voicing your Truth – Sept 2020

We’ve been working through the chakras over the last couple of weeks in yoga class. It’s fun and fascinating yoga and gives us a chance to dig up and practice obscure yoga poses, mantras and breathwork that open and balance and enhance a particular chakra point in the body (7 nerve and endocrine plexuses that lie along the length of the spine). And this week we were working on the Throat Chakra which has (a big influence on your) much to do with your thyroid gland and how you use and project your voice. What you say reflects what is going on inside your world and has a big influence on how others view you. And as the week progressed, in a convoluted way, all things that happened during the week seemed to be coming back to the power of the voice and indeed the power of speaking up and speaking your Truth, whatever that means to you.

I was driving home from Brisbane and a taped conversation was (been) playing over the radio of the arrest of the young woman in Ballarat over her Facebook post on attending an anti Covid rally. It was quite horrible to listen to. I was aware of the drama in the media, shocked as to the draconian measures taken, but like everyone else my interest and horror stopped there. I had not bothered to search social media to find the video recording of the incident. But to hear this young woman try to defend her mistake and ask if she could delete the post (it was denied) and to hear the panic in her voice as she, pregnant in her pyjamas, was being arrested in front of her two children was confronting for the listener. This young lady it seems had tried to speak her truth, reach out to others to express her dissatisfaction which was against the law and the state of emergency in VIC, and it did not end well. It seems that speaking your truth has legal limits, even in our beautiful democratic country.

The second wakeup call as to the power of the voice was from someone I came into contact with who, with little provocation, launched into a pessimistic and rude tirade about life in general, the country, the social classes etc. and it left such a taint on the morning it made me realise the power of choosing your words carefully and how those words create your world. For this angry person, it was a rather sour world. How our words create our reality.

So our yoga this week mimicked life. As we roared like lions in Lions Pose, and chanted the Bija mantra HUM for our vishuddhi chakra, life, as it rolled out around us, validated the power of your voice, your truth and using your words to create your reality.

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