The Ayurvedic season of the Liver – Sept 2022

Spring time is the time of the Liver in both Ayurvedic and Chinese (TCM) medicine. It’s a time for renewal and detoxing of every layer of the body. And the organs that need the most nourishment this time of year are your liver and gallbladder. One of the main roles of the liver in both Ayurvedic and TCM traditions is to facilitate the smooth flow of prana or qi throughout our bodies. Spring is a time for new beginnings and as the days get longer and warmer, this is a time of expansion rather than contraction. Physically and mentally, we are encouraged to move and grow outward into the world after the hibernation of winter. Anything that prevents this natural pull to expand and detox could show up as liver issues in your body.


Physical symptoms like a tight neck and shoulders, menstrual problems, skin problems and digestive issues often point to issues with the liver. The emotion associated with an imbalanced liver is that of anger.  When we are not aligned with what we’re doing, and not growing and expanding in our lives, we feel stuck and the liver energy in our bodies stagnates. Emotionally, congested liver energy can also show up as depression, irritability and resistance to change. When these emotional states become chronic we become emotionally toxic, and the liver’s normal capacity to process toxins starts to decline. So in the world of yoga, your liver plays a vital role in emotional wellness.

So how do we nourish and support our livers during the season of spring? Start with a good yoga class and a lovely long stretch. In Ayurveda and TCM, the liver controls the tendons. According to TCM, the liver stores blood during periods of rest and then releases it to the tendons in times of activity, maintaining tendon health and flexibility. Eat plants and lots of greens. The bitter ones are the best, like dandelion and rocket. Add sour and fermented foods like sauerkraut and pickles to your mealtimes. Sour tastes are thought to stimulate the liver’s qi.

Practice radical honesty. You can only lie to yourself for so long until buried emotions start to affect your organs and overall health. Your emotional pain is energetic pain and it is your soul whispering to notify you that either you haven’t dealt with your emotional pain or you are lying about the life you truly crave and desire. Radical honesty will set you and your loved ones free.

In the world of yoga, spring gives us a chance to embody the ascending and expansive quality of this season and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about what you’d like to embody more of, and where you want to grow and expand on a physical, mental, and soul level.

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