I am Tulsi – Goddess of Healing and Devotion. Tulsi (holy basil) is a sacred plant in the Vedic scriptures and is known for its therapeutic powers and is seen as the earthly manifestation of the Goddess Tulsi.

Materials: Green Impression Jasper, Lava, Rudraksha and a Tantra Yantra symbol.

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Why you need this Mala – Tulsi: To heal from the stresses of a modern life. The Tulsi mala epitomises all that is green and lush and verdant on this earth. Healing needs to be integrated in a mind, body, spirit framework to have any positive effect. When you start to tune into the vibration of the Tulsi mala you can start to connect to all your layers (body, mind and spirit) and recognise that the mind and body are a reflections of each other. To recover from any physical illness, we need to recover energetically. The calming, grounding vibration of the Tulsi mala will help you shift your perspective and help you recognise the lessons your physical illness has given you and give you the energy and courage to move forward into good health.

Healing: A perfect mala to help you connect with your innate healing life force. Sometimes we need to learn how to slow down, to check in and listen to our bodies, before we can heal from physical illness, emotional trauma and wounding of the spirit. The Tulsi mala resonates with the healing power of the earth and will allow you to slow down, breathe and start to tune into your inner wisdom. The combination of Rudraksha and Lava to ground you and Green Impression Jasper to restore a calm, stable harmony in your emotional body – this is the perfect Mala to help you heal.

Green Impression Jasper (Chakras 1 & 4):  Green Impression Jasper is an exceptional stone for healing imbalances within the emotional system, by balancing out parts of one’s life that have become all-important to the detriment of others. Green Jasper encourages resistance, improves control over one’s thoughts and actions, and restores harmony to the emotional body.

Lava (Chakra 1):  From the core of the earth, this stone was created by volcanoes millions of years ago under huge pressures and temperatures. A grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth, it is used for emotional grounding, rebirth and shedding unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. It gives us courage and tenacity, allowing us stability through times of change, and provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to “bounce back”. 

Rudraksha (Chakras 1, 6 & 7):  According to mythology, Lord Shiva was said to have spent 1000 years in meditation for the benefit of all beings, and upon opening his eyes, tear drops rolled down from his eyes and landed upon the earth taking birth as the sacred Rudraksha tree. Medicinally they are known to be cooling when worn against the skin, reduce stress, increase mental clarity, and rejuvenate the entire mind and body.

Tantra Symbol/Yantra: A geometric pattern made of several concentric figures (squares, circles, lotuses, triangles, point). The point (bindu) at the centre of the yantra signifies unity, the origin, the principle of manifestation and emanation.

Mantra: “Om Namah Shivah”

Mantra Meaning: A powerful healing mantra for all physical and mental ailments. This mantra means ‘I honour Shiva.’ Shiva is simply another name for your higher self but is also the destroyer of obstacles, as well as the destroyer of the ego.

Made with all 8mm gemstone crystals sourced from the most reputable crystal merchants. Sandalwood beads and rudraksha seeds from India and complemented with sacred geometry Yantra silver accent pendants. Hand knotted on Nylon® braided cord which knots and drapes like pure silk but is much more resistant to humidity, cosmetics, perfumes and wear and tear. Designed and created with much love and intention by Satya Malas, in the exquisite rainforest region of Queensland Australia.

The mala YOU will receive will be made to order once you place it on the website! Your name and its intention for you will be held in my mind as I string it for you, using the highest quality genuine, natural materials. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstone crystals and wood, your mala may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the exact same materials and configuration as you see here.