I am Rohini – the Vedic Goddess of the moon and consort to Chandra. I am serene, feminine and creative. I personify the Ida (yin) energies in your physical body. I am perfect to bring balance, love, nurturing and compassion to your world.

Materials: Smokey Grey Quartz, Matte Pink Zebra Jasper, Howlite, Clear Quartz, Sandalwood with a Buddha Head and a Labradorite Pendant.

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Why you need this Mala – Rohini:  Rohini imparts an aura of poise and serenity to her wearers. She is connected to all that is feminine and to the cycles of Life. Powerful with moon (Ida) energy, the Rohini Vedic Goddess is famed for her creativity, nurturing, beauty and feminine intuition. The Rohini mala will impart a calm steadiness to your being, allowing you to mend bridges and improve relationships with your children and loved ones. You will remain cool-headed in times of conflict, stay honest and insightful in negotiations, and your kindness will shine like a full moon in a night sky. A beautiful mala to help you transition through life’s cycles. Use Rohini to help you connect to and fall in love with your femininity at any stage of your life.

Healing: A perfect mala to help you connect to your femininity, your Ida (moon energies) and the cycles of life dictated by the movement of the Moon through the sky. Rohini mala will support you at every stage of your life as a woman: through puberty, in your child bearing years and in menopause, and the time of wisdom. Energetically the Rohini mala protects your aura, allowing you to use your feminine wisdom to see both sides of a situation, in addition to giving you courage and stamina to be your true self.

Grounding you with Sandalwood and Smokey Grey Quartz, connecting your heart to your head with Pink Zebra Jasper and connecting you to the Divine with Howlite and Labradorite.

Smokey Grey Quartz (Chakras 1 & 3) Smokey Grey Quartz is a powerful detoxifier of body, mind and spirit. This gemstone allows its wearer to attune to the Light and not be overwhelmed by heavier energies and physical challenges. Smokey Grey Quartz gently dissolves negative energies as it encounters them, allowing positive frequencies to take their place. Smokey Grey Quartz balances the root chakra helping the body gain strength and stamina. It also balances the third chakra connecting its wearer to their own personal power.

Matte Pink Zebra Jasper (Chakras 1 & 4):  Pink Zebra Jasper is a heart chakra stone and is said to bring contentment and joy. Its gentle and calming qualities can decrease anxiety and promote relaxation. Like all Jaspers, it is a protective stone that imparts to its wearers a sense of stability, security and grounding. This is a nurturing gemstone. It harmonizes your aura and supports your spiritual development and emotional wellbeing.

Howlite (Chakra 7) A calming stone, Howlite is used for tuning into the pure, infinite energies of the Divine. Provider of wisdom and enlightenment, Howlite will prevent unnecessary self-criticism.

Clear Quartz/Crystal Quartz (Chakras 1-7):  Master healer, clear quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet. This crystal is a deep soul cleanser, that rings harmony and clarity and amplifies energy of all other crystals.

Sandalwood (Chakra 1):  So grounding, sandalwood  beads are a part of the Buddhist tradition and are a powerful aid to enhance your meditation as well as stimulate your sense of self- awareness.

Buddha: The Buddha Head is the symbolic as well as the spiritual representation of Buddha’s wisdom and knowledge. Buddha symbolizes peace and reconciliation.

 Labradorite Pendant (Chakra 5):  A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance.  Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe.

Seed of Life Pendant: The seed of life mandala has been referenced in ancient texts and spiritualities throughout history. Its seven circles, combined to create a flower represent the 7-days of creation. It embodies universal creation, fertility and represents the feminine.

Mantra: Mantra to the Moon, Om Chandraya Namah

Mantra Meaning: Chanting this mantra allows one to tap into the Ida (yin, feminine, intuitive) energy of the moon.

Made with all 8mm gemstone crystals sourced from the most reputable crystal merchants. Sandalwood beads and rudraksha seeds from India and complemented with sacred geometry Yantra silver accent pendants. Hand knotted on Nylon® braided cord which knots and drapes like pure silk but is much more resistant to humidity, cosmetics, perfumes and wear and tear. Designed and created with much love and intention by Satya Malas, in the exquisite rainforest region of Queensland Australia.

The mala YOU will receive will be made to order once you place it on the website! Your name and its intention for you will be held in my mind as I string it for you, using the highest quality genuine, natural materials. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstone crystals and wood, your mala may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the exact same materials and configuration as you see here.