I am Radha – Goddess of mercy and compassion. Protector of all, I am considered the mother of the entire universe. I represent liberation through extending compassion to others and showing mercy when all those around you show judgement.

Materials: Jasper, Onyx, Lava, Quartzite, Howlite, & Sandalwood,  with a Tantra Pendant.

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Why you need this Mala – Radha: Sometimes we have to take the higher ground and release those who have wronged us with mercy and compassion. And through this forgiveness we set ourselves free and give permission to others to be free as well. Black Onyx Agate and Sandalwood will ground you, Black Jasper for your first and second chakras will help you set boundaries and Quartzite and Howlite will connect your heart to the Divine.

Healing: I am free of vengeance and judgment and I seek freedom through showing compassion to those events, people and situations where I have been wronged. The Radha mala will give you the courage of an Earth Warrior. Massively grounding, your acts of compassion will throb with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and indeed the Universe. Like a lightning conductor, Radha mala will give you the energy, the grace and the power to let go of the old and forgive and release situations and memories that are keeping you from your Life Path. 

Black Onyx Agate (Chakra 1):  Connected to the earth and lower chakras, this is a balancing and grounding stone. A powerful protection stone that absorbs and transforms negative energy and helps prevent the drain of personal energy. Black Onyx Agate helps with self-control, self-discipline, inner strength, perseverance and good decision-making.

Black Jasper (Chakras 1 & 7) A highly protective stone that brings good luck into your life.​ For pain relief in hips and knees due to arthritis and rheumatism.  It aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the spiritual realm. Black Jasper also protects you and clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution.  

Lava (Chakra 1):  From the core of the earth, this stone was created by volcanoes millions of years ago under huge pressures and temperatures. A grounding stone that strengthens one’s connection to Mother Earth, it is used for emotional grounding, rebirth and shedding unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. It gives us courage and tenacity, allowing us stability through times of change, and provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to “bounce back”. 

Quartzite (Chakras 1, 6 & 7):  Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed when sandstone (made up of tiny grains of quartz) is subjected to heat and pressure under Earth’s surface, fusing the sand grains together. Quartzite stabilizes positive changes by anchoring them in the fabric of your physical and subtle bodies. It helps prevent you from slipping back to your old state after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing or spiritual experience.

Howlite (Chakra 7)A calming stone, Howlite is used for tuning into the pure, infinite energies of the Divine. Provider of wisdom and enlightenment, Howlite will prevent unnecessary self-criticism.  

Sandalwood (Chakra 1)So grounding, sandalwood  beads are a part of the Buddhist tradition and are a powerful aid to enhance your meditation as well as stimulate your sense of self- awareness.

Tantra Symbol/Yantra: A geometrical pattern made of several concentric figures (squares, circles, lotuses, triangles, point). The point (bindu) at the centre of the yantra signifies unity, the origin, the principle of manifestation and emanation. 

Mantra: Mantra of compassion, “Om Mani Padme Hum”

Mantra Meaning: Behold! The jewel in the lotus! The mantra means that we should all look deeply into our hearts and there we will find the jewel of Compassion. When we chant this mantra we invoke the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion. Chenrezig is considered the patron of Tibet, and in fact, the living Buddha. The Dali Lama is an incarnation of him.

Made with all 8mm gemstone crystals sourced from the most reputable crystal merchants. Sandalwood beads and rudraksha seeds from India and complemented with sacred geometry Yantra silver accent pendants. Hand knotted on Nylon® braided cord which knots and drapes like pure silk but is much more resistant to humidity, cosmetics, perfumes and wear and tear. Designed and created with much love and intention by Satya Malas, in the exquisite rainforest region of Queensland Australia.

The mala YOU will receive will be made to order once you place it on the website! Your name and its intention for you will be held in my mind as I string it for you, using the highest quality genuine, natural materials. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstone crystals and wood, your mala may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the exact same materials and configuration as you see here.