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Classes & Workshops

My classes are a fusion of Hatha, Tantra, Yin and Naad Yoga. A classical system using asanas and pranayama to strengthen and purify the body. Workshops target issues such as: Anxiety, Hormonal Imbalance, Core Strength, Lower Backs, Yoga Nidra, and more.

Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga works on the subtle energies within the body to enhance spiritual growth. The physical practice is quite strong with an emphasis on the rejuvenation of the endocrine system.

Trauma Informed Yoga for Emotional Resilience

Addressing the unique needs of Trauma survivors. These are safe, supported, client- led yoga classes promoting healing and rebuilding for Body and Mind.

Yin Yoga with Sound Healing

Targeting deep connective tissue, fascia, joints and ligaments and unblocking meridian energy channels. Perfectly paired with Sound Healing. The Crystal Bowls are tuned to 432Hz and paired with, Chimes, Rattles and Drums.

About My Yoga

I teach a Yoga fusion class of Hatha, Tantra, Yin and Naad (Brain) yoga on Tamborine Mountain and in Canungra in the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland of Queensland. I also teach live online classes via Zoom drawing in students Australia-wide. We laugh, we work hard and have so much fun in the process!

Class Details

My classes are a beautiful balance of flexibility, strength, core, pranayama (breath work) and meditation. They cater for absolute beginners to seasoned yogis. I also run residential yoga retreats where, over a weekend, we immerse ourselves in yoga, meditation, silence and ceremony. We’d love you to join us!


Margot’s classes are always exciting and always different. We are never bored. We have familiar bits like our warm up but she always offers us an extra challenge to our flexibility and strength. I love the CORE. I think my lower back is so much stronger because of it. Thank you Margot

Review of Live Yoga Classes
Written by Linda [2023]

Her classes are a lovely mix…. I love the variety. Always love the Tantra and the Sound Bowls, well I cant get enough of those! Margot you truly are a gift to me, I have learnt so much from you and your generosity and grace inspire me. Thank you.

Review of Live Yoga Classes
Written by Kylie DD [2024]

The combination of yoga, breathwork and meditations consolidated deep insights and aha moments for me. I felt like I pushed aside heaps of rubbish blocking the path! The space in my head is so calm and I felt like I was dancing on the inside – powerful warrior moment! Thank you beautiful Margot! You make the world a better place and you have made such a difference in my life.

Review of Live Yoga Classes
Written by Kyla Mackay [2024]

My story which I’m happy to share as I hope it helps someone else find what they need. I have been under the treatment of a naturopath for a thyroid issue. She wanted me to take HITT classes to build muscle, she was worried I was losing too much. I was thinking I can’t do that, that’s crazy. Yoga under the Bodhi tree was found and I started this journey with Margot thinking this is meant to be.
3 classes a week and oils daily is all I do. 4 weeks later my next appointment with my naturopath I went to her office in a different frame of mind feeling awesome. She couldn’t believe the difference in my results weight went down, levels are good but the main thing was I put on 2kg of muscle. I’m now on a maintenance plan for my thyroid which I don’t see as an issue but a way of life.
Thank you I appreciate every class.

Review of Live Yoga Classes
Written by J [2020]

During the COVID19 lockdown (I’m in Melbourne) I decided to take advantage of time at home by working on improving my health. I started an online yoga regime of a couple of classes a week with Margot at Yoga Under the Bodhi Tree.
If becoming stiff and inflexible are the signs of aging, then by doing these online yoga classes, I’ve managed to dial that process right back! I’m thrilled with my progress and how much more alive I’m feeling.
I’m re-building a connection to my body and putting myself higher on that everyday list of priorities. I’m choosing to love myself by making time for yoga. Thank you Margot!

Review of Online Yoga Classes
Written by R [2020]

My retreat experience was amazing, profound and beautiful. The Centre is a little piece of heaven and the food was awesome! The yoga and meditations were really excellent, especially the Boddichitta Workshop. I have shifted so much tired/ old/ stressed energy and am feeling very rested. I am inspired to begin a proper meditation practice in my life. Thank you Margot and Juliette (the cook), I would recommend your retreat to friends and family.

Review of the 2024 Silent Yoga Meditation Retreat (see the Retreat page for more reviews)
Written by Mark P [2024]